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Top Amazon Device Black Friday Deals 2023

Amazon has launched its colossal Black Friday sale on a range of its devices, featuring enticing discounts on popular gadgets like the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Echo Pop, and Kindle Scribe. These deals mirror some of the standout offers from Amazon's recent Prime Day event, providing another chance to save. In some instances, the discounts are even more substantial than those seen in October, matching competitive deals at retailers like Best Buy and Target. Explore the best early Black Friday deals on Amazon devices:

Top Amazon Device Black Friday Deals 2023

  1. Fire TV Stick 4K Max - $40, 33% off: Faster streaming, Wi-Fi 6E, double the storage, and enhanced features make this a top pick.

  2. Fire TV Omni QLED - $400, 25% off: Packed with built-in microphones for Alexa, low input lag, and two-way video calling, this QLED is a smart TV powerhouse.

  3. Fire TV Cube (2022) - $110, 21% off: A hybrid Echo and Fire TV device with improved voice control, Wi-Fi 6E support, and stellar performance.

  4. Fire TV Soundbar - $99.99, $20 off: A 24-inch soundbar delivering robust sound, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, and compatibility with Amazon's streaming devices.

  5. Alexa Voice Remote Pro - $27.99, $7 off: A backlit remote with programmable buttons and a convenient remote finder feature.

  6. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 - $150, 40% off: The flagship Ring doorbell with top-notch video quality, motion detection, and seamless Alexa integration.

  7. Ring Battery Plus Doorbell - $120, 33% off: The latest Ring doorbell offering enhanced video quality, head-to-toe view, and rapid response times.

  8. Echo Show 8 (third-gen, with free Kasa smart color bulb) - $105, 39% off: Featuring spatial audio and improved audio quality, this Echo Show 8 adapts to its environment.

  9. Echo Show 5 (third-gen, with free Kasa smart color bulb) - $40, 65% off: The compact Echo Show 5 with upgraded mics and enhanced sound quality.

  10. Echo Pop (with free Kasa smart color bulb) - $18, 71% off: Amazon's latest Alexa-enabled smart speaker with a unique semisphere form factor.

  11. Echo Dot (fifth-gen, with free Kasa smart color bulb) - $23, 54% off: The fifth-gen Echo Dot boasts a temperature sensor, improved sound, and faster response time.

Take advantage of these early Black Friday deals on Amazon devices, and stay tuned for updates as more deals roll in.

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