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Designed by STR Owners for STR Owners

Each hub has been carefully designed by actual STR owners that are familiar with the hit and missed opportunities that other apps and software platforms provide. No other platform addresses every need for someone to self-manage their properties with ease and convenience - literally at their fingertips. Our short term rental management app allows you to manage the functions needed at multiple properties from anywhere. With Hubs such as The Service Hub and the Dream Team Hub, you will feel comfortable doing business across state lines with the tools STR Nexus offers. Imagine the time you will save!

We are excited to share this with fellow STR Owners/Managers and believe that it will quickly become a favorite app! 


The Property Hub conveniently allows you to setup property information for each property being managed/owned via API integration with popular channel managers and third party booking platforms. The Property Hub makes scheduling maintenance, cleaning and all other aspects of upkeep much more efficient - as you can now do it all from the STR Nexus app.

Share your booking calendar to make scheduling service easier! Grant access to the calendar to allow service providers to schedule based on their availability and your bookings. It works with cleaning crews, A/C Repair, Plumbers... anyone!


Your cleaning crew can now keep inventory up to date with an easy-to-use electronic, in-app, inventory list that can be custom curated to each property. You will be able to see inventory needs across all of your properties in one place. An additional feature to the inventory list, coming late Fall 2023, STR owners will be able to place inventory orders directly from within the app to their favorite vendors such as WalMart, Sam's, Costco and Amazon.

App users will be able to custom curate task lists for each property and assign each task to a service provider. Need a plumber? Create a task and assign it to your plumber of choice. The service provider will get a notification to review your booking calendar and complete the task at a time when your property is unoccupied.


The Dream Team Hub is identical to the Service Hub in that it is a registry for Realtors, CPAs, Attorneys, Title Companies, Accountants, etc. The registry allows STR owners to leave reviews and star ratings or to review ratings that others have listed. By simply searching a name, business name, service zip code, or average star rating, you will feel more informed to choose who you want to work with. Build your Dream Team with STR Nexus!


The Service Hub is a nationwide list of service providers, and ever-growing, that will allow you to search by name, business name, trade, service zip code, average star rating, etc. Hello game-changer! Instead of being burned by contractors because you have no way to research the quality of their works beyond photos they provide. Or under-marketed service providers will also get a chance to shine with glowing reviews! The Service Hub will allow reviews to be shared between STR owners nationwide. Perhaps you have properties in multiple states - The Service Hub will help you select the right service provider in each area! Feel confident with who you are hiring, sight unseen, due to vetted reviews in the Service Hub!


The Mile Hub recognizes when you are moving in a vehicle and at the completion of your drive, you can label it as personal or business mileage with a click of a button. You can also disable the app's ability to auto-recognize when you are driving, if you wish. The Mile Hub will officially track your mileage, keep an ongoing tally of potential tax deductions, and create reports at tax time with the click of a button!


Track the time spent on your properties with all the notes and details of what you did, when you did it and why. With a clock in and out feature, it is easy to keep track of your time and find ways to be more efficient. All data from the app can be exported for reports! If used properly, the reports will be worth gold at tax time! If you are unsure of how tracking your time while working on your STR can help you at tax time, we recommend consulting with a qualified CPA that is familiar with STRs!

*STR Nexus does not give legal or financial advice. Users should consult with professionals that are trained and authorized to advise.

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