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The Galaxy S24 Ultra: Smarter, Pricier, and Maintaining Its Size

Do you ever find yourself yearning for the ultimate smartphone experience? For years, Samsung's S-series Ultra has epitomized that desire, and the trend continues with the much-anticipated Galaxy S24 Ultra in 2024. This latest addition to the Ultra family introduces a sleek titanium finish, an array of advanced AI tools, and a slightly higher starting price of $1,299, up from the already elevated $1,199.

Notable among the upgrades is the robust build of the Ultra, featuring a titanium frame akin to Apple's iPhone 15 Pro. Samsung emphasizes enhanced durability, utilizing titanium's strength without compromising on weight. The result is a device that maintains a similar weight to its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, weighing in at 8.22 ounces or 232 grams, making it slightly heavier than the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Another striking change lies in the display – while retaining the 6.8-inch 1440p screen of the S23 Ultra, the S24 Ultra bids farewell to the curved edges inherited from the Note series in favor of a flat screen. The slight curve that remains reduces the chances of accidentally interacting with the edges when using the S Pen.

The rear camera setup undergoes a significant transformation as well. Samsung replaces the S23 Ultra's 10-megapixel 10x zoom with a 50-megapixel 5x zoom, using a lossless crop zoom to achieve 10x. Despite the change in native focal length, Samsung assures users of improved image quality at 10x. The other four cameras maintain their specifications from the previous model.

The S24 series places a strong emphasis on AI features, incorporating both local and cloud-based capabilities, including Google's Gemini foundational models on-device. New image and video editing tools, powered by generative AI, offer creative possibilities such as isolating and resizing subjects or adjusting the horizon level without cropping.

One standout AI feature demonstrated is the ability to turn any video into a 120fps slow-motion video after recording, using AI to interpolate missing frames. Additionally, the S24 series introduces a Circle to Search feature from Google, allowing users to circle items on the screen for quick searches.

AI-driven translation features enhance communication, including real-time interpretation on phone calls and text translation within the keyboard app. The voice recorder now provides Pixel-like live transcriptions with speaker labels, and the Notes app receives automated formatting and summarization tools.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy chipset globally, ensuring powerful performance. Notably, the S24 Ultra and S24 Plus in the US will exclusively feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The phone also upgrades to Wi-Fi 7 for improved connectivity.

While the absence of Qi2 wireless charging may disappoint some users, Samsung's announcement of seven years of OS upgrades for the S24 series, along with seven years of security updates, offers substantial compensation. Despite a slightly higher price tag, starting at $1,299 for 256GB, the Galaxy S24 Ultra promises an exceptional and enduring smartphone experience, with preorders available from today and shipping commencing on January 31st.

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