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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic review

Smartwatches have transcended their niche status, making analog watch wearers the center of attention in today's world. People now regard those who opt for analog timepieces with curiosity, as if they have fallen behind the times. However, despite the growing global adoption of smartwatches in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges, the fundamental technology has remained relatively unchanged in recent years. All companies in this space are focused on enhancing the efficiency of their devices and refining the features they offer. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic represents a significant milestone in this ongoing journey.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Review: What's New The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic maintains the traditional appearance of Galaxy Watches from recent years. However, the Classic version this year reintroduces the rotating bezel, a concept that may seem somewhat old-fashioned but has been ingeniously adapted for the digital era. The bezel provides a natural and intuitive means of navigating the smartwatch, facilitating seamless movement between screens and within apps. It proves to be more accessible than a traditional crown. Samsung's innovative use of the bezel allows it to control virtually every aspect of the watch. Measuring at 3.73 cm, the sapphire crystal display of the Watch 6 is one of the largest in the smartwatch landscape. Its ample size allows for multiple data points to be displayed on the watch face, and it even enables browsing websites directly on the screen—a feature rarely seen in other smartwatches. Additionally, the Watch 6 Classic boasts a substantial 425 mAh battery and introduces fast charging capability. With a standard Samsung wall charger, the Watch 6 can be fully charged in just 30-40 minutes. Using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Full disclosure: I have been an Apple Watch user for several years now, and making the switch was initially challenging, particularly because my health data is closely monitored by my doctor to manage my sugar levels. However, since the Galaxy Watch 6 offers comparable features to the Apple Watch, the transition was relatively smooth. It's worth noting that some of the tracking apps I rely on are not available on WearOS. The Watch 6, despite its substantial size and weight of almost 60 grams, proved comfortable and natural to wear once I put it on. The rubber strap, resembling faux leather, felt comfortable even during bedtime wear. The bright screen is suitable for various conditions, though it may appear overly bright in a cinema or before bedtime. The bezel quickly became my preferred method of interaction with the watch, rendering the two buttons on the right side of the watch less essential. Swiping and sliding on the screen yielded quick responses, even when there was moisture on the screen—a testament to the quality of notifications via WearOS. Virtually every notification from my phone, including weather alerts and important messages, appeared on the watch. A swipe down accessed the control center, which closely resembled the one on my Android phone. Compared to the Apple Watch, notifications on the Watch 6 took up more screen space and were easier to digest. For most users, the primary use case for a smartwatch revolves around fitness tracking. In my case, this is also the most crucial aspect of a smartwatch. I took the Watch 6 on my regular walks, where one circuit measures precisely 1.6 km, as confirmed by other devices I've used. The Watch 6 delivered consistent data regarding distance covered, calories burned, and steps taken, allowing me to complete my daily 300 kcal workout in the same time as other devices. This reaffirmed the device's data accuracy, a critical factor in fitness tracking. Moreover, the Watch 6 provided valuable sleep data, and wearing it to bed was exceptionally comfortable. The accompanying app on my phone offered a comprehensive sleep score, tracking the number of times I woke up and even detecting snoring. Additionally, the app categorized my sleep patterns, offering valuable insights that could be shared with doctors who, like mine, emphasize the importance of sleep in overall well-being. It also raised a concern about my recent blood oxygen levels, which dipped below 90%. The Watch 6 offers more features, although the blood pressure and ECG monitor apps were not available in India at the time of testing. However, I could utilize the Qaly app for ECG monitoring. The stress measurements were accurate, and the app recommended breathing exercises when stress levels were elevated, demonstrating a holistic approach to well-being. The Samsung Fitness app goes beyond data, offering recommendations and challenges to motivate users toward fitness goals. However, challenges have never been my forte; my motivation lies in improving my lap times, a task the Watch 6 continually encourages. One noteworthy feature is the Watch 6's ability to run a full WhatsApp app, distinguishing it from other smartwatches that simply display notifications. With the Watch 6, you can access your contacts and chats directly from your wrist, akin to WhatsApp Web but on your watch. Additional apps can be downloaded from the Samsung App Store to further enhance the device's functionality. In this regard, WearOS devices have an advantage over Apple WatchOS, which has seen fewer dedicated apps in recent years. The Watch 6 Classic offers over two days of battery life on a full charge, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. However, it's advisable to carry the charger, even on short trips, to avoid draining the battery through extensive screen interactions. Should You Grab the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic? With a starting price of Rs 26,999, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic ranks among the best smartwatches available, making it an ideal choice for Samsung enthusiasts, especially those looking to control other home devices. It stands out for its user-friendliness, comprehensive data, and understated style. For those considering a purchase, opting for the Classic version for the convenience of the rotating bezel is recommended, but ensure you select the size that suits your preferences.

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