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New Apple Mac Mini Offers Strong Performance, Limited Discounts

The latest Mac Mini, a favorite among podcasters and content creators, packs a punch in a compact design. While it uses the M2 chip, a generation behind the newest, it still delivers impressive performance.

Pricing and Configurations:

  • The base model with 256GB storage starts at $599, but B&H Photo offers a $50 discount bringing it down to $549.

  • Upgrading to 512GB storage costs $799, again with a $50 discount at B&H for a final price of $749. This is the recommended minimum storage for most users.

  • For power users, there's a Mac Mini with the M2 Pro chip, starting at $1,299. This model comes with 16GB of RAM (double the base M2 models) and 512GB storage. B&H also offers a $50 discount on this configuration, bringing the price down to $1,449. The M2 Pro version boasts a 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU, compared to the 8-core versions in the M2 models. It also doubles the number of Thunderbolt 4 ports to four.

Buying Options and Considerations:

  • While B&H currently offers the best discounts, Apple remains a viable option. They allow customization, letting you add more RAM or a larger SSD. However, these configurations are fixed at other retailers like Amazon.

  • Unlike most desktops, the Mac Mini's RAM isn't user-upgradable. Apple's M2 chip integrates everything for efficiency, but this means you can't add more RAM later.

  • Students can save $100 on a new Mac Mini through Apple's education discount. There are also discounts on upgrades like RAM.

  • Apple offers certified refurbished Macs, but M2 models are too new to be available yet.

  • Consider refurbished Intel-based Mac Minis only if significantly cheaper than the new M2 models. M1 refurbs should also be substantially lower priced. Refurbished Macs from Apple are a great way to save money and are generally like-new.

Price Disclaimer:

Prices listed here are accurate at the time of publication but can fluctuate. We update this information regularly.

The new Mac Mini offers excellent performance in a compact design. While the M2 chip isn't the latest, it still delivers strong capabilities. Currently, the best deals are at B&H Photo with a $50 discount on all configurations. If you need to customize your Mac Mini, Apple is the only option, but keep in mind the RAM can't be upgraded later. Consider student discounts or exploring refurbished options for additional savings.

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