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Google makes changes to comply with the Digital Services Act

On Thursday, Google announced its commitment to align with the European Union's new content moderation regulations by offering more comprehensive information about targeted advertising, content decisions, and product policies.

Google makes changes to comply with the Digital Services Act

The EU's landmark legislation, known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), has come into effect for 19 major tech companies. This legislation introduces a range of extensive measures intended to empower and safeguard online users against disinformation, harmful or illegal content, as well as the infringement of privacy and free expression. Google stated, "We will expand the Ads Transparency Center, a global searchable database of advertisers across all our platforms, to meet specific DSA requirements. We will also provide additional details about ad targeting within the European Union." The Ads Transparency Center, introduced in March, enables users to gain insights into the advertisements they encounter. Furthermore, Google plans to enhance its transparency reports, incorporating information about content moderation decisions across a wider array of services, including Google Play, Search, and Maps. The company is introducing an additional Transparency Center, where users can access information about product policies, find tools for reporting and appeals, and access transparency reports. Simultaneously, Google is enhancing data accessibility for researchers who aim to gain a deeper understanding of the operational aspects of Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and Shopping. This step aligns with their research endeavors focused on comprehending systemic content risks within the EU. Google joins a host of major tech corporations making adjustments to comply with the DSA's regulations. Facebook and Instagram have introduced non-personalized (chronological) feeds, and Amazon has established a new channel for identifying illegal or counterfeit products.

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