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French regulators demand Apple to remove iPhone 12 due to excessive radiation

French regulators have instructed Apple to halt sales of the iPhone 12 due to elevated electromagnetic radiation levels, surpassing European Union standards for exposure. Apple disputes these findings, asserting compliance with regulations.

French regulators demand Apple to remove iPhone 12 due to excessive radiation

The French agency overseeing wireless frequencies took this action after the iPhone 12 failed one of two tests for electromagnetic waves that can be absorbed by the body. The reasons for the failure, exclusive to this model and not other iPhone variants, remain unclear. French officials emphasize that the iPhone 12's radiation levels, though higher than EU standards, still fall within safe limits according to scientific studies. The testing methods used do not align with typical phone usage. The National Frequency Agency has called on Apple to rectify this issue for existing phones through updates, with a recall being a last resort. In tests, the iPhone 12's electromagnetic energy absorption was higher than EU standards when held or carried, but within limits when kept in a bag or jacket. Radiation experts affirm that the slight increase in radiation is unlikely to pose health risks. Users can download updates to mitigate radiation exposure. Apple maintains that the iPhone 12 complies with international standards and has provided lab results to substantiate this. French authorities acknowledge the phone's emissions are below levels of concern but insist on adherence to established regulations. The testing methodology, involving a liquid-filled mold simulating a human head and body, doesn't mirror typical phone use. While cellphones are classified as "possible" carcinogens, studies haven't conclusively linked them to health issues, leading experts to recommend precautions like using earphones or texting.

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