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Best Apps that Works Well with Your Foldable Phone

If you find yourself in the market for a new smartphone, you might want to consider embracing the innovative world of folding phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the Google Pixel Fold, instead of sticking to the conventional single-screen models. The popularity of the foldable form factor is on the rise, despite its premium price tag. The allure lies in the provision of two screens rather than one, and in the case of book-style foldables, the expansive display unfolds to almost tablet size.

However, a pertinent question arises: are there applications that effectively utilize this additional screen space? Are there apps bold enough to expand and make the most of the extra room provided? Certainly, there are, although they predominantly belong to well-known big-name developers. In this article, we'll explore some of our favorite apps for foldable phones, all of which are currently available on Android while the anticipation for a folding iPhone lingers.

  1. Notion:

  • Notion's appeal lies in its blank canvas approach, allowing users to customize it to their liking. This adaptability extends seamlessly to foldable phones, providing an even more engaging experience. The pop-out navigation bar enhances navigation, making it an excellent choice for productive use, especially when utilizing a stylus.

  1. Gmail:

  • Google sets the standard for developers in utilizing the foldable form factor, and Gmail is a prime example. Tailored for folding displays, Gmail intelligently splits the screen, presenting a list of conversations on the left and the actual email messages on the right. This layout proves particularly useful when managing emails on the go.

  1. Feedly:

  • Feedly maximizes the potential of a larger screen, offering a superb RSS reading experience. The app's pop-out navigation pane and streamlined article reading format are a delight on foldable phones. For those struggling to keep up with web content, Feedly may well be the solution.

  1. Outlook:

  • Microsoft's Outlook seamlessly adapts to the available space on a foldable phone, adopting a two-pane view for emails. This feature allows users to read individual messages without losing track of their conversation list, simplifying various email-related tasks.

  1. OneDrive:

  • Another entry from Microsoft, OneDrive addresses the challenge of managing files on the go. With a navigation bar and files displayed on the screen, the app facilitates efficient work, particularly for individuals already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  1. YouTube:

  • While YouTube is a familiar app, its performance on a foldable screen is noteworthy. Utilizing the two halves of the display separately, YouTube optimizes the viewing experience. In landscape mode, the video plays on the top half while playback controls are conveniently placed on the bottom half, offering a portable video player experience.

These applications showcase the potential of foldable phones, enhancing user experience and productivity. While the folding iPhone remains a distant possibility, these Android apps pave the way for a more versatile and engaging smartphone experience during the holiday season and beyond.

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