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Apple might unveil a surprise iMac in October

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch the new iMac before its earnings report on November 2nd. Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, suggests the new 24-inch iMac may arrive as early as October 30th, marking the end of a long wait since the M1 iMac release in 2021. Gurman speculates that the update could feature an M3 chip.

Apple might unveil a surprise iMac in October

Gurman indicates that Apple is preparing for a Mac-focused product launch at the end of this month, with longer shipping times for certain Mac and MacBook models hinting at significant developments. He notes that the last time Apple delayed its earnings report until after October, it coincided with a Mac and iPad announcement. While the 14- and 16-inch Pro laptops were refreshed in January, Gurman suggests they may follow a 2024 release timeline. However, it has been over a year since the 13-inch MacBook Pro received an update, and the iMac is approaching its third year with the same chip. Regarding future MacBook changes, Gurman doesn't anticipate major alterations beyond internal upgrades, except for potential minor display improvements. He predicts that a new iMac Pro may arrive in 2025, followed by OLED MacBook Pros in 2026, likely featuring updated designs and features.

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