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Windows 11: You can now write text wherever typing is possible

Windows 11 is introducing an exciting Windows Ink update, especially geared towards Surface and Windows tablet users who employ styluses. Microsoft is currently in the process of rolling out these changes, marking a significant leap in enhancing the handwriting-to-text conversion experience within the Windows 11 environment.

Windows 11: You can now write text wherever typing is possible

This update is designed to enable writing in various areas where you'd typically input text, such as search boxes and other standard text fields. After a period of previewing the changes, Microsoft is making them available to Windows 11 users via the KB5031455 non-security update. To access this update ahead of its full release in the coming weeks, simply navigate to Windows Update and activate the "Get the latest updates as soon as they're available" setting.

For Surface device owners with styluses or Windows tablets that support Windows Ink, the new feature will be readily apparent when you venture into the Settings and start writing in a search box or other text-editing fields within Windows 11. Initially, this feature is available only in US English, with plans to extend support for additional languages in the near future.

Microsoft has taken steps to improve handwriting recognition technology for enhanced accuracy in this update. Furthermore, they have incorporated useful gestures for deleting, selecting, joining, and splitting words. Notably, a gesture has been added to facilitate the division of text into a new line.

Beyond the handwriting enhancement, this update comes bundled with several bug fixes for Windows 11. Notably, it addresses a memory leak issue in ctfmon.exe, makes improvements to the new Dynamic Lighting feature, and implements additional fixes for a smoother user experience.

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