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iPhone 15 models overheating; Apple to address with iOS17 bug fix

Apple is attributing the overheating issues in its recently launched iPhone 15 models to a software bug and problematic behavior from popular apps like Instagram and Uber. The company is actively working on an iOS17 update to mitigate excessive device heat and is collaborating with apps that strain the system.

iPhone 15 models overheating; Apple to address with iOS17 bug fix

Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, has already adjusted its app to prevent overheating on the latest iPhone OS. However, Uber and other apps, including Asphalt 9, are still in the process of releasing their updates. While Apple hasn't specified a timeline for its software fix, it assures iPhone 15 owners that there are no safety concerns, and they can continue using their devices while awaiting the update. Apple identified several conditions causing the iPhone to run warmer than expected, although it clarified that the issue isn't related to the new titanium casing or a shift to USB-C ports. The company is confident that software updates will promptly resolve the overheating problem. This concern could potentially impact iPhone sales, which have seen consecutive declines over the past three quarters, with Apple trying to boost sales by increasing the starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Investor apprehensions about Apple's recent sales performance have already led to a significant drop in the company's market value since late June, when it first reached a market cap of $3 trillion.

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