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Google introduces Titan security keys for a password-free world

Google's latest Titan Security Key is designed to complement the emerging passwordless passkey technology supported by major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Available in USB-C ($35) and USB-A ($30) versions, both equipped with NFC for wireless connectivity, these keys offer user-friendly options. NFC support on both versions is a convenience, especially when setting up multiple keys for backup. In my experience with the USB-C version, it performs comparably to other keys, such as the older Titan hardware and Yubico's FIDO2 keys.

Google introduces Titan security keys for a password-free world

Transitioning to a passwordless approach with these keys has proven simpler than other methods. FIDO2 compatibility allows them to serve as two-factor authentication, and their ample onboard storage accommodates over 250 unique passkeys. While alternative two-factor methods provide some protection, security keys enhance security through cryptographic verification on both ends, ensuring the legitimacy of the key and preventing the compromise of login information to fake websites. By registering these keys to unlock online accounts with a passkey (e.g., Google account), users can authenticate through key connection and PIN verification, eliminating the need for a traditional password.

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