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Anker’s new MagGo wireless chargers might charge as fast as MagSafe

Anker's latest lineup of mobile power accessories introduces a range of new products, including MagGo magnetic chargers, charging stations, and power banks equipped with the Qi2 standard. Additionally, they've unveiled Nano USB-C chargers tailored for potential iPhone 15 users who may be transitioning from their old Lightning-based setups to embrace the new iPhones and AirPods. There are speculations that the iPhone 15 series will enable Qi2 support, potentially delivering 15W charging speeds without requiring Apple's MagSafe certification.

Anker’s new MagGo wireless chargers might charge as fast as MagSafe

It's worth noting that Apple has not officially confirmed its stance on this matter, and we will soon discover if other manufacturers will update their devices to support Qi2 or if they will incorporate this specification into their upcoming phone releases, such as the Pixel 8 series. To support the next iteration of the Qi wireless charging standard, it's essential to include a circular magnet arrangement inspired by Apple's MagSafe design. Anker's previous MagGo products were labeled as "MagSafe-compatible," offering a more budget-friendly option but limiting iPhones to 7.5-watt charging, as opposed to the 15-watt charging available with official MagSafe-branded accessories. Anker's initial Qi2-upgraded MagGo product is a portable Power Bank, featuring a kickstand and a USB-C port capable of charging other devices at speeds of up to 27W. This version comes with an LCD screen on the side to provide real-time information about the 10,000mAh battery's status and will be offered in various colors. Anker is also releasing a 6,600mAh Power Bank that transforms into a more robust stand, perfect for supporting iOS 17's StandBy mode. For those who prefer chargers capable of accommodating multiple devices, Anker offers three MagGo Wireless Charging station designs. These stations allow you to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously, and there's also a simpler 15W pad charger. One of the charging stations features a tree-like design that suits bedroom side tables, while the second arranges the devices side by side and can fold flat. The last one resembles a clamshell, with the Apple Watch charging element extending from the back. Furthermore, the 67W MagGo Magnetic Charging Station boasts an 8-in-1 output configuration on the desktop, delivering up to 15W wireless charging on the front magnetic pad. On the back, it features three AC ports, along with two USB-C and two USB-A ports. Anker's accessory lineup doesn't stop at Qi2 chargers. They've introduced a Nano series charger with a USB-C interface (not Lightning), offering 22.5W charging capacity, available for purchase starting at $29.99 on Amazon. Anker also offers its popular pop-out AC port chargers in a compact version with the Anker Nano Charging Station. This device employs the same unique non-standard AC cable but includes two USB-C and two USB-A ports, supporting up to 67W charging. It's now available for $65.99 on Amazon. Earlier this month, Anker launched a selection of high-powered chargers and batteries aimed at mobile enthusiasts. Now, at IFA Berlin, Anker has unveiled its MagGo and Nano series chargers, catering to those who prefer a streamlined approach to mobile accessories. The Qi2 MagGo devices are expected to hit the market in late 2023, with pricing details yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, the Nano series chargers are already available for purchase.

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