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All You Can Do with Copilot, Windows 11's Generative AI Assistant

Despite reservations, generative AI, particularly in text and image generation, is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily hardware and software. Microsoft is actively engaged in this field, having recently introduced AI chatbot capabilities to its Bing search engine. They are currently offering a preview of their new Copilot AI assistant in Windows 11.

All You Can Do with Copilot, Windows 11's Generative AI Assistant

Copilot is designed to boost creativity and productivity and functions similarly to Bing's chatbot. It can provide assistance with tasks ranging from travel advice to crafting original poems. To access Copilot in Windows 11, ensure you're using the latest OS version, accessible through Windows Update in Settings. By default, you'll find a Copilot button on the taskbar, which you can click to launch it. Alternatively, you can use the Win+C keyboard shortcut or access it via the Start menu. Copilot excels in text and image generation. For those new to generative AI, you can instruct Copilot to compose poems, cover letter introductions, or email content for colleagues. When starting a new chat, you can choose from conversation styles like More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise, allowing you to adjust Copilot's creativity in responses. Beyond text generation, Copilot can answer questions, drawing information from Bing and the web. It can provide insights on sightseeing spots, cooking tips, and DIY problem-solving, with sourced links for each response. After each response, you'll receive suggested ways to continue the conversation, or you can create your follow-up questions. A "New topic" button lets you start afresh, and you can copy the text from Copilot's output or provide feedback. Copilot can also generate code according to your specifications, offering formatted code that can be copied and pasted. You can request edits to the code without starting from scratch. With Dall-E integration, Copilot can produce images. You specify the image's subject and style, and Copilot provides four options along with follow-up suggestions for adjustments. The unique aspect of Copilot is its integration with the Windows 11 operating system. It can open programs for you upon request, provide instructions on using them, and help troubleshoot issues. You can also use Windows 11 commands, such as "mute volume" or "turn on dark mode," to control system settings and features. It's particularly handy for opening specific options screens related to settings or configurations. However, Copilot currently has limitations, as it cannot interact deeply within your programs. Its ability to manipulate elements within apps is currently restricted to Microsoft Edge. This feature can be enabled by going to Edge settings and enabling the "Let Copilot in Windows use Microsoft Edge content" toggle switch.

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