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A Fresh Look Awaits Chrome Users

Prepare to see a revamped version of Chrome on desktop in the near future. Google's widely used browser is set to undergo an update, embracing the Material You design language. This forthcoming update will bring refreshed icons with a particular emphasis on legibility, as well as new color palettes designed to harmonize better with your tabs and toolbar. Chrome VP Parisa Tabriz shared these insights in a recent blog post.

A Fresh Look Awaits Chrome Users

For an early glimpse of the new appearance, take a look at the provided image and GIF. One of the most apparent changes is the shift towards more rounded elements, especially noticeable in the newly rounded corners near the top of the window. But the transformation doesn't stop at Chrome itself. Google is extending its design revamp to the Chrome Web Store, infusing it with the distinctive style of Material You, including those appealing rounded corners. These changes are already available in a public preview version, an observation initially noted by 9to5Google last week. An image slider below offers a side-by-side comparison, and it's clear that the new store boasts a more attractive appearance. In addition to these cosmetic updates, Google is reinforcing its commitment to online safety. In the realm of Chrome's Safe Browsing tools, significant improvements are on the horizon. Currently, when you venture onto a potentially hazardous website, Google verifies it against a locally stored list, updated every 30 to 60 minutes. However, a change is in the works. In the coming weeks, Chrome will conduct real-time checks against Google's own list of malicious sites, potentially preventing you from accessing a dangerous site mere minutes after its creation. Tabriz indicates that this adjustment, by reducing the time between threat identification and prevention, is expected to enhance protection against malware and phishing threats by 25 percent.

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