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Who should be on the Provider Hub?


The Provider Hub is a nationwide list of service providers, and ever-growing, that will allow you to search by name, business name, trade service zip code, average star rating, etc. This is a game changer for STR Owners needing to hire service providers and work with them from across state lines with confidence in the provider they choose. Being on the Provider Hub list also gives Service Providers a large and very targeted platform to market their services. STR Owners are able to leave reviews to help support their favorite Service Providers. Everyone wins with the Provider Hub! Below is a list of potential service providers that would be ideal for the Provider Hub. No matter your zip code - we want to help you market your service and strut your star rating power!

  • Mason

  • Mortgage Lender 

  • Painter

  • Power Wash

  • Propane

  • Septic Clean Out

  • Septic Install

  • Soft Wash

  • Water

  • Window Cleaning

  • Deck Stain

  • HVAC Install

  • HVAC Repair

  • Handyman

  • Install Playground

  • Internet

  • Land Clearing

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn Care

  • Boulder Delivery

  • Builder

  • Cleaning Crew

  • Dryer Vent Clean Out

  • Electrician

  • Firewood Delivery

  • Foundation Repair

  • Framer

  • Gravel Delivery

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Tree Planting

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Trimming

  • Designer

Dream Teams are made of these...


Like the Service Provider Hub, the Dream Team Hub is a registry for Professionals involved in the purchase, finance, and legal matters associated with the properties. This Dream Team is the team that makes STR ownership a reality for those that have dared to dream. We want to help pair STR Owners up with the Team Members that will work best for and with them on their journey. At the same time, the Dream Team Members will be given average star ratings for their work, which helps in their marketing efforts with other STR Owners! Great Service, Great Ratings, More Business!

  • Architect

  • Engineer

  • Appraiser

  • Surveyor

  • Interior Designer

  • Marketing

  • Attorney

  • CPA

  • Accountant

  • Title Company

  • Realtor

  • Real Estate Agent

  • 1031 Qualified Intermediary

  • Insurance Agent

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